Use network teaming or bonding to configure aggregated network links between two Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems

By | October 4, 2018

Please watch the video for topic. All the steps are shown in detail in the video
We will use virtualbox to setup teaming

For VirtualBox


On Virtual Machine


Promiscuous Mode is set to Allow All for 3 Adapters.

Step 2:
Configure Network Teaming
# yum install -y teamd

We will use three network interfaces to setup teaming.
Out of 3 interfaces , 1 interface will be used as management interface with static IP . We will connect the machine  via ssh using management IP  and configure link aggregation.
This command will show all the available interfaces.

# ip link show

Choose two connections for teaming and one for management interface.
Check all available connections.

#nmcli con show

Delete all the connections that above command displays.

#nmcli con del "Wired connection 1"
#nmcli con del "Wired connection 2"
#nmcli con del "Wired connection 3"
Set up  management interface.

you can use nmtui or nmcli for setting up management interface. Assign static IP to management Interface.

Apply  this command for the interface that will be part of teaming.

# ip link set enp0s3 promisc on
# ip link set enp0s8  promisc on
Man pages for help
# man 5 nmcli-examples

Some ready made example files are present. we can use them for out configuration

# cp /usr/share/doc/teamd-1.9/example_configs/loadbalance_1.conf /root/load.conf

Please watch video for detailed explanation on how to setup load.conf as per our requirements.

Setup Teaming.
# nmcli c add type team con-name team01 ifname myteam config /root/load.conf
# nmcli c mod team01 ipv4.addresses "" ipv4.method manual ipv4.dns ipv4.dns-search example.local

Add two network devices to the myteam0 interface:

# nmcli c add type team-slave ifname enp0s3 con-name slave1 master myteam
# nmcli c add type team-slave ifname enp0s7 con-name slave2 master myteam
Restart network services. ( from console )
#systemctl restart network
Checking .
#teamdctl myteam state
#teamnl myteam ports

Please watch the video for testing . we have tested it on two linux machines , by bringing up/down both the slave interfaces one by one , and pining the team ip from other machine.


Video Explanation

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