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Configure IPv6 addresses and perform basic IPv6 troubleshooting

Task configure a static IPV6 address in system1 as fddb:fe2a:ab1e::c0a8:64/64. configure a static IPV6 address in system2 as fddb:fe2a:ab1e::c0a8:02/64. Previously we setup network teaming . We will use teaming setup and extend our configuration System1.example.local #nmcli connection modify team01 ipv6.addresses fddb:fe2a:ab1e::c0a8:64/64 ipv6.method manual From console #systemctl restart network

Use network teaming or bonding to configure aggregated network links between two Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems

Please watch the video for topic. All the steps are shown in detail in the video We will use virtualbox to setup teaming For VirtualBox Step1: On Virtual Machine Settings>Network Promiscuous Mode is set to Allow All for 3 Adapters.