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Brief  discussion about author and why this blog has been created

Introduction About Author

My Name is Muhammad Asif Shabbir. I started my journey in Telecom and I.T. Field long back in 2002.
Through out my practical field I realized that Linux is the main pillar in Telecom and I.T.

My RHCE Certification

I completed my RHCE earlier in 2018.

Why I Created Educatorhome.com ??

I have created this blog to share my RHCE exam experiences and other technologies that can be help full for any candidate in industry.

I must thank Tomas. His site has been really helpfull for RHCE preparation.

RHCA Training Material

RHCE Training Material

At Educatorhome.com , I have tried to provide video lectures along with the tutorial for all the topics that I have discussed on this website.

I hope you will find educatorhome.com a companion in your practical life.

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